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File:Sa museum.jpg|350px|right|thumb|The '''South Australian Museum''' situated on Adelaide's cultural boulevard, North Terrace, Adelaide|North Terrace File:14 Pieces.JPG|right|350px|thumb|The water feature ''14 Pieces'' by Hossein Valamanesh|Angela and Hossein Valamanesh, in front of the South Australian Museum, is based on the forms of ichthyosaur vertebrae.Jude Elton, HistorySA: [ Adelaidia > Things > 14 Pieces] Accessed 19 March 2014. File:22042010 SA Museum.jpg|right|350px|thumb|The Mortlock Library, part of the State Library of South Australia, forms the west side of the courtyard at the front of the South Australian Museum The '''South Australian Museum''' is a natural history museum and research institution in Adelaide, South Australia, founded in 1856.'A Brief History of the South Australian Museum,'...
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